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I wanted to take the time to respond the the review by ‘A Google User’.

I strongly disagree with your assessment that O&P Centers only cares about money.

Firstly, if that was the case we surely would have looked at your ideal to capitalize on it.

Secondly, a licensed business like O&P Centers is not able to test or use products that are not government approved on patients,

Lastly, I think by not taking the time to look at your ‘invention’ the company was in fact, putting the customers first…instead of getting sidetracked by something totally unrelated to customer service.

O&P Centers not in the business of signing non disclosure documents or any other types of contracts from someone that walks in off the street. We are dedicated to using cutting edge technology and providing the very best we can legally offer our patients. We are not in the research and development part of orthotics and prosthetics.

I wish you the best of luck with your device. If you get you apparatus legitimately approved by the appropriate regulators I will personally make sure the staff gets a chance to see your product. Other than that no guarantees.

What I can guarantee is that if anyone has a legitimate need related to Orthotics or Prosthetics O&P Centers is at your service. We will take the time and effort to make sure you are fit properly, educated on using your device, and are always welcome any time the doors are open.

Ty Wilson – Patient Advocate

Orthotics & Prosthetics Centers, FL

Awesome and amazing!

Sundi Moody


I have had a Right BKA since 2006. I’ve used several prosthetic companies over the years and have had some really BAD legs. When I move to St. Petersburg area I was looking for a quality company to provide me with what I needed. From the time I set up the appointment to when I first met Henry. Everything was handled promptly and with care On my first visit I met Henry and we dissscussed new products and new feet on the market that might be beneficial to me. I decided to go with the rush87 per Henrys suggestion. Boy was he right it is amazing. I will forever be greatful. I personally had a wonderful experience with the staff and crew the st. Pete office and at the Pensacola office. I will forever be grateful that they have me up and going and doing things that I haven’t been able to do for a while because I was limited with the old foot and leg that I had. I went in with high expectations and expressed my concerns and my expectations and they met them. so I have nothing but praise for this group of people. I could have went with hanger or another big company. But i went with a smaller company for the simple reason I like the down home personal touch and that’s exactly what Henry in the st. Pete office and Shane in the Pensacola office gave me .thank you both for your time and trouble and and helping me get back on my feet

Harold Mathis


I love them all of them in that office

Nicole Vance


Fantastic Company and Staff! Thank you for what you do!

Brad Simons


I have had only positive comments for OPC.They really do care about us and go out of there way to be sure we are doing ok.I have been with them since my amputation 5years ago.From the time you walk in till you leave they are very caring.I have not regretted choosing them

Sharon carriere


Anne, thank you for responding to my texts last night, Henry thank you for fixing my leg good as new this morning!! Once again ,above and beyond!! OPC St Petersburgs entire office staff is amazing!

Patty Rogers



Donna DeMaya


good new

Atata Mat


Jax office is great! Best prosthetic company ever!

Vanessa Serrano Saldaña


Awesome CEU course today! Lots of great presenters and information!

Tiffany Arcaro


I’m blessed to work for a business that cares so much for its patients and employees

Danielle Schlegs


My daughter Zoey saw Ryan with Torticollis and Plagacephaly needing a cranial helmet to fix a flat spot. After wearing the helmet for just over 6 months she has had such a great outcome! We have been so blessed to of been able to get the best care!

Kristen Cook


Absolutely amazing! We have been using them for over 5 years for my son’s braces and would recommend them highly!!

Trina Sutor


did a fantastic job on my husbands leg fits great looks amazing he is comfortable and no pain while wearing it great job Kevin Johnson and all others involved thank you

Sue Bowman


Paul and Brian are the best, I was at another company for 2 months and nothing 4 appts and less than 2 weeks I am now walking. Thank you!!!

Kenneth Smith


OPC let’s you know that they truly do care about improving people’s quality of life. I am forever stoked to be a part of such an amazing family owned business. Thank you OPC for everything you do, Pura Vida!!

Scott Trinler


The Jax office is the best and so is the staff I would recommend them

Robyn Gardiner


Always accommodating to our crazy life schedules. After being spoiled with Shriners Hospital for many years, these guys were able to fit him with AFO’s correctly the first time! We highly recommend this professional group.

Donna Tareco Hanson


Temporarily in Ft. Myers and my podiatrist back home called me to tell me my orthotics could not be made due to the company closing. Everyone of the OPC staff were so helpful and polite. I was able to get right in and my doctor faxed my prescription and OPC took care of me from there.

Richard Shelby


I recently had a below the knee amputation in August. I was looking for a good place to make my leg and I had a former classmate Scotti Trinler that works at OPC in Saint Petersburg as a patient care advocate. Shortly after my surgery, Scotti and the patient care manager George Baum took time out of their day to come to my apartment to follow up with my recovery. Eventually, I was able to make my first appointment with Orthotic Prosthetic Center where I meet Anne DuBois. AnneDuBois is a licensed CPO/LPO. Anne really makes sure that the patient is comfortable and happy with everything. The friendly front desk staff really make this place stick out as well. The moment you walk through the door they greet you and they make rescheduling a breeze for patients. This company goes out of their way to make the best for their patients. I highly recommend this place for anyone!

Brett Wagoner


OPC entire staff is amazing, from check-in, referral department, so many great people that are part of the process to get me up and walking! I spoke to Ty prior to surgery with Paul and Ann, everyone took time to answer ALL of my questions. After surgery, wow, again Amazing group, every single person has helped me along, Henry, patience of a Saint with me, Paul, precise adjustments has me walking and smiling. Thank you everyone at OPC!

Patricia Rick Rogers


The entire staff at OPC is amazing! Everyone has a welcoming smile and they treat you like you’re their favorite patient. They made me the most beautiful leg and I get compliments on it daily! They have even smoothed out my limp! Anne and Henry inspired me to go into the O&P practitioner field and I hope to do my residency here when I graduate in May!

Andi Luedeman


OPC has changed my life. Everyone has been so nice and understanding. When Brandon came over he was so kind and caring explaining everything. Also Ty came over and explained some of how the prosthesis works. I then met Tyler who has been amazing and so helpful. I can’t thank OPC enough for what they’ve done for me.

Lyndsey Wrathh


My brother wound up needing his left leg amputated below the knee in a hurry. Diabetic and lots of complications over the years. OPC has given him and our family hope! Brandon I met while visiting for the surgery day and following week. I never thought I’d see my brother walk again or even care to live. But this amazing group of people have stayed with him all along through all the different facilities he’s been in last 3 months and I got to see a little video of him taking first steps on new leg! Being so far away in Vermont, I’m thankful this group is there for my brother. Thank you!!!

Dianne Bass


I have been an amputee for a little over a year. OPC has been responsible for my prosthetic needs throughout this period. Prior to my surgery I met with Ty Wilson, OPC’s Patient Advocate who provided valuable information about what I should expect. From the day of my surgery Michael Weiss, my Prosthetist, took care of all my prosthetic needs. I highly recommend OPC, Michael and Ty to any amputee or prospective amputee

Robert H. Bishop III


At OPC I was treated like a person, being on a first name status with most of the staff. Orthotic & Prosthetic Centers went out of their way to take time and customize the look and feel of my prosthesis. My insurance paperwork was frustrating. The staff at OPC patiently helped me get all the required medical and insurance documents filled out and submitted. Another thing that has been great about Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers are the events. We often meet for amputee group or public outings.

Deb Jarvis


While undergoing rehab, I was visited by an amputee with a backwards foot as a knee, he even brought me steak! As I learned how an amputee can overcome disabilities I was encouraged by O&P Centers and their staff. Even when I quit on myself they didn’t quit on me. Now I’m at the Center for Emerging Technologies studying in an engineering program full-time. I have a left below-knee amputation and a right above knee amputation and I can walk through any terrain!

Josshua Lanauze