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Six Interesting Things to Know About Custom Prosthesis

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If you make use of a custom prosthesis, you’re not alone. Many other people across the world also use socket artificial limbs to create more comfort for movement. Now, here are some striking facts about how custom prosthetics designs came about and how people use them. Below are six of these facts.

1. Your Lifestyle Determines Your Prosthesis

Did you know that getting the right prosthesis isn’t an inflexible procedure? A lot of factors are put into consideration. Some of them are your lifestyle preferences and health status. Your weight and age are also considered before fixing a suitable prosthesis for you. Gender may also be among these varying factors.

2. The First Prosthesis Was Made With Wood and Leather

“Prosthetics” is derived from a Greek word that means “addition .” And this fits appropriately, seeing that prostheses are artificial additions to the human body. The earliest recorded prosthesis was made in Cairo, Egypt, over 3000 years ago. The artificial toe was made of wood and leather.

3. You Use a “Stump Shrinker” With Prosthetics

The stump is the end of the limb where the amputation occurred. And there are some measures used by amputees to prevent it from swelling. A creative way is the use of a “stump shrinker.” This is a compression sock that helps the limb not to swell when the prosthesis is not attached. They are designed to fit comfortably and apply pressure to the soft tissues of the stump. You can wear them for as long as 24 hours.

4. Phantom Limb Sensation Comes With Using Prostheses

Did you know what a phantom sensation is? This is a feeling you have that signals that the limb is still present in your body. However, such a limb has been detached. This sensation still occurs even with the use of custom prosthetic limbs. So, if you are experiencing it, it is entirely normal.

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5. At Least 500 People Need Custom Prostheses Every day in the world

Did you know that at least 200 to 500 amputations occur daily globally? 30% of these people lose their limbs because of mental health issues like depression or anxiety. And nearly 70 percent of amputations are caused by diabetes and cardiovascular complications. This means that at least 500 people need custom prosthetics every day all over the world.

6. You Can Wear Heels with a Prosthetic Limb

Interestingly, women can wear heel shoes with their custom prostheses the same way many can wear sports shoes with their heels. Many prostheses are made with jointed ankles. This allows the wearer to adjust them to different heights by using a push-button, hence, the ability to wear heels. Some prostheses can even allow you to wear heels up to 4 inches high. 

Custom prostheses drive a comfortable life for an amputee. And the exciting facts discussed above can help you live better with them. Using a prosthesis is not a death sentence. You can still have a stylish life with it.

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